Graham Homeowners: When was the Last Time Your Rain Gutters were Inspected?

Everyone knows Graham can get a little bit of weather now and then but did you know that your rain gutters can help protect your home?

Rain gutters play an important—yet often overlooked—role. The main function of rain gutters is to divert rain away from your home. By doing this, it helps prevent mildew and mold while protecting your foundation and the exterior of the home.

Failure to properly maintain rain gutters can lead to expensive home repairs.

Rain gutters should be kept clean, intact, and debris free.

If you cannot remember the last time your rain gutters were inspected or if you believe your rain gutters are not functioning properly, don’t wait!

Call us today at 253-355-6082 and we’ll schedule a qualified Graham rain gutter technician to come to your home.

Carps Rain Gutter & Fascia is centrally located, servicing Graham and surrounding areas.

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